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47th GEF Council Meeting, 27-30 October 2014, Washington DC, USA 

The 47th GEF Council meeting will take place in Washington DC on 28-30 October 2014. Prior to the council meeting, a GEF Consultations with Civil Society will be held on Monday, 27 October. Funding support is provided for a limited number of civil society participants. Interested CSO is invited to apply on-line at https://www.thegef.org/gef/CSO-Council-Registration . Registration for supported participant will close on 27 Aug 2014 while for self-financed participant, it will close on 6 October 2014.

Election for Regional Focal Point in Mesoamerica and Caribbean Region

The election for the Regional Focal Point (RFP) in the Mesoamerica and Caribbean has been completed. Click here for the election results.

 GEF Fifth Assembly in Cancun, Mexico from May 25-30, 2014

 The GEF 5th Assembly and its associated meetings were concluded on 29 May 2014. A Civil Society Forum held on Tuesday, May 27 was successfully organised and the recommendations from the forum was delivered to the GEF Assembly as "Cancun Declaration of the CSO". Click here for the report and to view the statement. Prior to the assembly, the 46th GEF Council Meeting was convened here on 25 till 27 May. Click here for details on the meeting.

 “Formerly known as GEF-NGO Network”

Why the Change:
To reflect the current role of the Network as a network of civil society organisations which acts as a bridge between civil society and the GEF, to align the Network with GEF current practice and make the Network more inclusive.




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27 Oct, 2014 ~ 30 Oct, 2014
GEF 47th Council Meeting

01 Dec, 2014 ~ 12 Dec, 2014
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