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Each day of our life will never come again but memories could last for long time.

 New Year .. New Hopes .. New Challenges .. New Future

 In this occasion, I would like to send my best wishes to all Environmental Protectors in this globe, to everyone has done good to this earth honestly, to every community has suffered from a crisis and well recovered on its own, to every association gave a hand to support vulnerable people, to all CSOs and IPs who kept their eyes on their communities and shared them happiness and sorrow. For all … Get the life better in 2016.

Let me also send my sincere congratulations to Coordination Committee (CC) members of our network for accomplishing this new level in the Network governance by the end of 2015.  It is new real threshold in the life of GEF CSO Network and it comes in a very critical period to prove our capability to add value to the GEF projects all over the world. Thus, I believe we should deal with this endeavor seriously and think positively to reach our common goals.

In this regard, I kindly ask all CC members to start reacting more frequently to the busy agenda of our network on the short and long term basis and basically by involving more members to share ideas and actions in the sake of network development and of course their efficient involvement in GEF projects.

Having said that, I would like to send my sincere seasonal greetings to all members of the network, wishing all the best in the new year on their personal and professional life levels.

Lastly, please let me send my BIG thanks to our Ex-Central Focal Point and current Interim  Secretariat, Global Environment Centre, for the hard work they have done in the last six years, hoping we keep the same spirit in the new governance structure and to help each other to do our mission appropriately in same faithful manner.

 Happy New Year.



Essam Nada

Chair - GEF CSO Network



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